Welcome words by Mrs. Sonya Avakian-Bedrossian, Chairperson of AGBU Sofia  

Dear friends of the music,

In 2004 I was invited to a wonderful concert with conductor Maestro Bedros Papazyan. At that time the idea for having our own orchestra was born. Creating an orchestra that will perform world's classical music masterpieces would be our gift to the public. I shared this idea with Maestro Papazyan and AGBU New York Central Board. That's how, once approved, our project started. 

During the years with Maestro Papazyan and the great musicians we had we found many friends – fans of the beauty and the magic of the musical art. They are our excited public. Gradually our concerts became music holidays and the holidays turned into a tradition. Such responsibility is extremely binding, but it makes us free to give away the beauty of the talented performers and the artists.

It is an honor for us to keep delivering joy to all our public and that "AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra" is a reality!

I truly wish to keep delivering joy to all our public in the future.

You can contact us, using the information to the right.