About us

  • Our Story

    "AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra" was created in 2006 in connection with the 100th anniversary of Armenian General Benevolent Union "Parekordzakan". AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra offers a valuable bridge of implementation of the unique freedom into the spiritual world of mankind through a series of memorable and impressive concerts in which the Armenian music flows into the wave of the world art. The orchestra organizes concerts and concert tours, records of classical, movie, theatre and modern music. The orchestra developed very intensive concert activity during the last eight seasons. Its repertoire includes masterpieces of the classical music, the Bulgarian and the Armenian music, as well as modern music. AGBU-Sofia Chamber Orchestra marked the 90-th anniversary of Alexander Arutyunyan with a symphony and a concert for oboe. Works of the Armenian composers Edvard Mirzoyan, Alexander Arutyunyan, Vard Manukyan, Alexander Spendiaryan, Gomidas are in the repertoire.

  • The Maestro

    Bedros Papazyan is a conductor and musical director of the created in 2006 AGBU-Sofia Chamber Orchestra. His artistic achievements are connected with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as with the founded by himself Ensemble, Ladies ensemble, Vocal ensemble, Philharmonic string quartette, Quartette and several others ensembles and quartettes.Mr. Papazyan is a part of the Philharmonic Orchestra since 1970 and he has visited all European capitals and countries, as well as the USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey. He has given performances to such prestigious halls as "Carnegie Hall"-New York, "John F. Kennedy Center"- Washington, DC, "Royal Festival Hall"- London, "Concertgebouw"-Amsterdam, "Musikverein"-Vienna, "Bolshoi Teathre" and Hall "Tchaikovsky"-Moscow, Berlin, Bonn, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Prague, Warsaw and many others.He is the founder and conductor of Ensemble "Orchestral-Sofia" in 1981. Mr. Papazyan gave concerts and toured many countries with his orchestra – France, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Italy. The Bulgarian National Television broadcasted for several years the "Masterpieces of the Classical Music" series. The orchestra participated in many festivals such as "Varnensko lyato" ("Varna's Summer"), "Apolonia", "Sofia Musical Weeks", "Minter Musical Days" - Pazardzik and many others.Mr. Papazyan has been a guess-conductor to many philharmonic orchestras – Vidin, Pazardzik, Sliven, Chamber Opera Blagoevgrad, Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestra Nish. He has issued many CDs of "Armenian liturgy"-Ekmalyan, "John Sousa's Marches for brass orchestra", "John Sousa's Marches for philharmonic orchestra", a "Music for two flutes" CD with soloists prof. Georgi Spasov. Vivaldi, Cimarosa, Dovien, "Integral of the Mozart Concerts for Waldhorn" with the French cornetist Daniel Burge, "Concerts for Waldhorn with Stefan Kanchev/, "Requiem for 12 contrabass by Emil Tabakov", "Christmas Armenian Ecclesiastical Chants" with father Mesrob. From 1993 to 2000 Mr. Bedros Papazyan is the Executive Director of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2004 to 2008 Mr. Papazyan is the chairman of the "Bulgarian-European Musical Society" Association.

  • Musicians

    Mr. Bedros Papazyan brought in the orchestra the most expressive and leading musicians-instrumentalists from the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra, the National Radio Orchestra, the Sofia Opera, the Music Academy Orchestra.Popular soloists of ten participate in the concerts of AGBU-Sofia Chamber Orchestra as guest-soloists. Some of them are prof. Angel Stankov, prof. Josif Radionov, prof. Simeon Sterev, prof. Mayer Frank, prof. Bojidar Noev, the world-famous Theodossy Spasov, the composer and rebec-player Georgi Andreev, the oboist Yasen Enchev, the concertmaster of the Philharmonic Orchestra Kalina Hristova, the timpanist Rumyana Mihaylova, the violists Milena Zlatarova and Vache Hoveyan /Armenia/, the harpist Kohar Andonyan, the singers Lusine Danielyan /Armenia/, Vera Grancharova, the waldhorn-players Yuri Rizov, Zheko Atanasov, Yasen Teodosiev, the flutists Kremena Acheva, Mila Pavlova, the oboist Valchan Valchanov, the clarinetists Pantaley Pantaleev, Petio Bobev, Sava Dimitrov and others. Chamber choir "Polifonia", the Choir of National Folk Ensemble "Philip Kutev", the jazz musicians "Vasil Spasov jazz trio" also have taken part in the concerts. The composer Vasil Spasov has created a whole program for the Orchestra. Angel Stankov, Georgi Andreev, Konstantin Ilievski /Austria/, Markus Elsner /Germany/, the famous Bulgarian composer Haygashot Agasyan have taken part in concerts as guess-conductors.

  • Genres

    AGBU-Sofia Chamber Orchestra diversifies the genre of their concerts and include works of the Bulgarian and Armenian folklores, jazz plays and arrangements. AGBU-Sofia Chamber Orchestra has inspired the composing of several works by Bulgarian composers and has been the first player of "Musika Meditativa" by Velislav-Zaimov, Chamber symphony "Phenix" by Georgi Andreev, "Elegy" by Grigor Palikarov, Armenian suite by Simeon Sterev, Adaptations for orchestra on Armenian folk song – "Hingala", "Oi, sirun", and "Hoi Nazan" by Vladimir Dzambazov, "Suite on Armenian themes" by Theodossy Spasov.

  • What we do

    Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following activities:

    - Organization of concerts and tours in Bulgaria and abroad

    - Recording of classical, movie, theatre and modern music

    - Organization and conduct of special concert with participation of young soloists, musicians, singers and performers

    - We can perform plays that are waiting to be presented on stage

    - Organization and conduct of master classes and other similar events

    - Participation in music festivals


    If you have any other ideas about the orchestra feel free to discuss with us.