Sofia Municipality - "Culture" Department

A huge thanks to Sofia municipality, the Culture department, for the big support. It would be very difficult to hold 6 concerts per year without the logical and financial support. Being a part of the Cultural calendar of the capital of Bulgaria is an honor for us.





Armenian General Benevolent Union - Sofia

Our orchestra would not exist without Armenian General Benevolent Union. Many thanks to AGBU, especially to the Sofia chapter, for establishing the AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra and keep supporting it during the years. The applause of the public after each concert is the appreciation you get as well.



Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian

AGBU Sofia's Chaiperson

John Doe Mrs. Sonia Avakyan-Bedrossian – the co-founder of the orchestra has spent a lot of efforts to create what you see today.

Bedros Papazyan

Musical Director of AGBU SCO

John Doe the influencer and leader of the orchestra. Good job, Maestro, keep doing it!